Absolutely a "new" "green" user question

Hello to all. I just now joined and THIS is my first message posting. And WOW could I use some help.

I have it installed. It opens up. But I have absolutely NO IDEA what to do.

Are there any video resources that exist that can take you from “drooling on yourself” to reasonably capable with this tool?

For the moment I have a few very small circuits that I would like to put in and ultimately order boards for… but it is not readily intuitive to me what I need to do to start. I need something that tells me what a library is, what I do with it. I need something that … as I tried to say… starts out AT THE VERY BEGINNING and leads you by the hand.

Does anything like this exist? Videos or text?

I’d appreciate any assistance I can get. Electronics and schematics are not new to me at ALL. Entering them into a CAD system… IS VERY NEW!


please check out the quickstart tutorial as it is a step-by-step guide: Quickstart Tutorial | LibrePCB Documentation