Reverse engineering mode II

I know, Is exist here idea for advanced reverse engineering mode - Reverse engineering mode.

But what if you would integrate basic version of the Reverse Engineering Mode?
It’s simple - add a possibility to set background image into the PCB editor (into a new layers “Top - Bottom Background or Template” )


  1. Catch a photo of the unknown hacked/copied board. Top and bottom independently.
  2. Import these photo into LibrePCB - PCB Editor. Top image into Top Background Layer and nice versa.
  3. Set transparency for both photo. Grid have to be over photo.
  4. Edit and Align the image via a new functions: Move/resize/mirror/skew of the both images.Grid will be a helper.
  5. Lock the images (prevent editing)

Now if during routing is selected Top Copper layer as active layer, Top Background will shown (with preset transparency). If is selected Bottom Copper layer as active, bottom background is shown.
By this way we able to place component and draw traces by the “template”.

This basic function is not for create/edit schematic. Is only for copy of the PCB from the real one.
Schematic have to be done by the oldschool manual way (paper+pencil) and after this can be drawed by the LibrePCB schematic editor.

But PCB can be done 1:1 (very close to origin) using this method.

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Is there a video of this someplace showing an example of how to put together. Thanks

Looks so this.