All-in-one application

I was under the impression that librepcb is supposed to be all-in-one application (I’m on mac), but after playing with it today for the first time, when I wanted to close it, I just found out it’s not really the case at all, as I was closing the board editor, thinking I was closing the whole program, I still had to close the schematic editor, separately, and then I found the main program (control panel?) was also still running and had to be closed as well.
For an all-in-one app, having to close 3 separate programs, it doesn’t make much sense.
Needs more 'integration" for sure.
What will happen with a “module” that does 3D viewing? gerber viewing? All separate apps? Not the way to go.
I’m wondering how long it will take for enough improvements to be made so this becomes actually fully usable.

These are not actually separate applications, but separate windows. If you close the root window (with the project overview), then all other windows will be closed as well.

If you close a project, then by default both the schematics editor and the board editor are opened.

I’m not sure how feasible it is to implement a single-window mode where the “window mode” can be switched… The previous window would probably need to be destroyed and replaced with the new one.

If I may suggest, instead of having totally detached windows for each thing, it would go a long way to making it a single looking app if those loose windows could be “docked” into the main window and each one docked could appear as tabs just like windows are in web browser, then switching between each is as easy as switching tabs, and that prevents having multiple loose windows.

We already have one issue open which is related to this topic:

But it’s really not easy to implement a single-window mode. Think about all the menu items and toolbars which are specific to the “thing” which is currently opened. If you know FreeCAD: They have a dropdown to choose the workbench, i.e. the set of toolbars which are shown. But in my opinion, its usability is horrible.

And more important than a single-window application is to support multiple screens so you can have schematics on one screen, and board on another screen. That’s the main reason why we have separate windows. But if there is a good concept and some time to implement it, I’d also like to have an (optional) single-window mode.

Btw, in the schematic- and board editors there is a toolbar button “Close Project” which closes both editors together, so you can close both windows with only one click :wink:

I wasn’t thinking about having more than one project open at a time, but I guess some people might like that, but I agree that so many things all in a single window becomes problematic.
However, there is no good reason not to have each window from a single project “dock-able” into the same main window and appear as tabs with one up front and be able to switch to other tabs quickly with a single click.
One possible option could be to have all, or some of the tabs, “arranged” in the same window horizontally or vertically, or whatever, so for example a schematic and its board layout could be on screen at the same time. for those with multiple monitors, no problem, use that multiple window method and “throw” windows to other screens as needed. lucky bastards who can afford more than one monitor :wink:

Detached windows are best with multiple screens because you can move and resize them.

And a single window with tabs is most efficient for a single screen, so this should be a choice.
I think the way to go would be to provide the ability to dock a detached window into the main one, where it would become a tab, and other windows could remain detached or be docked at will.
No need for a config choice, just the docking ability.
And whatever config is made on screen should be saved and remembered for the next launch, so everything is restored as it was when the app was closed.
And as I mentioned before, a detached window’s maximize button should maximize that window, not make it full screen.

As long as you can copy and paste between two different schematics then I will be happy

Me too. And that would be convenient and easy to do if each page of a multi-page schematic was accessible from a pull down menu like it’s done in eagle. It would be easy to select and copy from one page, then quickly and easily switch to an other page via that pull down menu, and paste there, possibly without fixing that paste until we click, so we can position what we’re pasting first, then we click and done!

Please stay on-topic with feature requests, otherwise these threads will get very large. You don’t need to convince anyone that copy-paste functionality should be implemented, there’s already an issue for that here: