I’m up to the part where I’m placing components with the Board Editor.
LibrePCB has been very stable up until now, but suddenly it crashed! All windows gone with no explanation.
I opened the software again and selected my project. I received a dialog box asking me whether to revert to the last saved copy, and I said yes. This gave me a copy from a while ago, and I was able to continue on.
But it wasn’t long before it crashed again. Then again, and again.
Then I had this problem:

Some of my components have moved far above my board. I couldn’t zoom into them, they seemed to be off the edge and I couldn’t scroll over to them. So I figured out that I could highlight them using the search function (I knew their names), then choose properties from the menu and change their coordinates.
This helped me work out what was wrong - I’d been placing these components by typing in the coordinates:

Notice that my Y position is in mils. I changed to mils so that I could easily calculate the positions of my components on the grid.
But when I started again after the crash, the Y pos had changed to mm. The component ZD4 was at 3625 mm, not 3625 mils. I don’t know whether this contributed to the crashes, or was just a side-effect of them.

I’m not sure if any of this would help you, but I’ll keep on going and save often. Let me know if there is any more information that could help figure out what is going on.
I’m using Ubuntu 20.04

I figured this out!
Well I figured something out, it may be the source of the crash. Here’s what I found:

I’ve been using mils to place components. When I place a component somewhere on the board, I then go into the properties and change the X and Y coordinates as needed. Here’s an example of a component placed on the board:

It’s using mils, since that is what I’ve set it to.

If I move the component ‘below the line’, then Y goes negative, like this:

But if I move it to position Y=0, look what happens:

At zero, Pos. Y has now gone to mm rather than mils.

I think the crashing was happening because I moved my components to Y=0 first, then entered in my value, not realising that it had changed to mm. So I was entering 6000mm, and it didn’t handle this very well.

Oh, thanks for this detailed problem description, I’m able to reproduce it!

Indeed there are two issues:

  • The unit unintentionally switches to millimeter
  • Very large x/y numbers cause a crash

I’ll take care of them…


The problem with the unit is fixed in the next release (small secret: release date will be today :grin: ).

For the actual crash I opened an issue to keep this in mind: