Library Design Recommendations


From @dbrgn on Wed Apr 04 2018 19:49:13 GMT+0000 (UTC)

We should try to come up with consistent, practical and beautiful-looking recommendations for designing libraries. This should include all things like package design, signal naming and category naming.

First question: When designing footprints, e.g. for an SOT-23-5:


…should we (1) include the outline of the plastic case in the footprint?

According to @ubruhin, “the solder mask is automatically subtracted from silkscreen to avoid silkscreen on copper”, so this would work.


Or should we (2) make the rectangle smaller to avoid the pads?


Or should we (3) work with lines?


I tend to favor (1) because it looks best in my eyes, as long as silkscreen - copper is not a problem.

On a sidenote, I’m not sure if a single RFC issue is a good place to discuss these questions. Maybe we should open a separate repo / issue tracker where every question can be discussed in a separate issue, similar to

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