Change of Workflow

Sorry about this and if I get the words or thought wrong.

As presented the software appears to be biased towards PCB packages as opposed to Schematic Components.

It seems that if I wanted to create a base MF25, Metal Film Axial 250mW resistor as a Schematic Component and then derive a Family of Schematic Components, MF25100R MF25110R, MF25120R, from that I am forced to create and assign individual PCB packages to each Family Schematic Component.

To me this appears to be the wrong way around in as much as it is the Schematic that contains the base and maintained information for the project. I would rather define an MF25 family of Schematic Components assigned to a single MF25 PCB package to those components.

Looking at and deciphering a manufactured PCB is a lot harder than looking at the Schematic.

Hope that makes sense but I could try harder with some pictures…


I’m not sure if I understand your question. All you need to create for an MF25 family is one package and one device (component and symbol already exist). Then add MF25100R, MF25110R etc. as parts to the device. It’s not described yet in the documentation because it was just added in LibrePCB 1.0.0 but it should be easy to see how it works:

If this does not help, please clarify your question, if possible with pictures.