Where should I place resistor value and manufacturer partnumber during library creation


My first impression about libraries system @ LibrePCB is a great one!

But please support, where should I place resistor value, manufacturer partnumber and a link to a datasheet during library creation?

Of course I can give it to a name “1k”:

But then after the component is placed this is no value (or partnumber or datasheet) assigned:

I dont’t like to do it manually.

Could you support please ?

What’s wrong with my post? Why became it as hidden one?

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In component creation, you have fields “Attributes” for users use.
You can create a string type attribute “Datasheet” with value “http://someurl.com/somedocument.pdf”.
Libre PCB doesn’t support URL type of field yet for direct click and open pdf remotely (idea for @ubruhin :slight_smile: ).
Attributes fields are totally customizable by the user. You can add your own fields - ex. stock register number or position, your comments, etc.

Yes, some fields should be used as standardized (Arrays of URL, manufacturer name, part number,…) - next idea for @ubruhin :slight_smile:

For inspiration, have a look at my library (Yageo capacitors and resistors): https://github.com/EdizonTN/Yageo.lplib
I use MPN (manufacturer part number) and datasheet link as my attributes fields:

All these attributes you need to create and fill in the library. For each value and for each package (because each has its own part number).
This is a harder way to create a library. But use in schematic is quick without any values modifications.

Second way, is create a generic resistor (as is in “LibrePCB Base” library). You can create your own Generic resistor with your new attributes fields.
After placing it in the schematic, you will need to fill these fields.
This is a quick way to create components in a library, but a harder way to use a component in schematic if you need to use your additional attribute fields.

Yes, LibrePCB has a robust library manager. You can use more ways to create your library.

Don’t forget - a good library is the base for all other work!

Thank you for your feedback.

Because it’s begin of my adventure with LibrePCB could you please help me to understand the difference between [Component] and the [Device]?

I really don’t know why " Your post was flagged by the community." It’s stupid thing (or some script…)

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Ok, I’ll try it…

Component - is an element, which is placed in a schematic.
Device - is an element which is placed to PCB. Must be linked to component.

More than tons of words, is better to look at picture:


Tahank you. Until now (as KiCad user) I just thought that the device is a combination of symbol and footprint :slight_smile:

@LibrePCB it looks more complicated but for sure more consistent.

Ouu, KiCAD… hold me beer. :slight_smile:

Kicad has more pros and few cons opposite LibrePCB. And is too far in development.

LibrePCB use another concept. And is young (major version is still zero!). But had a BIG potential.

I reccomend to see to autor’s presentation at FOSDEM 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vu-h5y6tK34

Maybe, you will better understand the reason why LibrePCB (especcially library system).

Is need to switch approach to EDA, in case of LibrePCB if you use KiCAD yet.

p.s. I Like KiCAD. But I don’t use it on a daily basis.

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Hi again :wink:

A saw these movies already :slight_smile: I’m also quite experienced KiCad user :-). I love KiCad, and maybe now I will love LibrePCB even more ;-). @ my work I use Mentor Graphics PADS :slight_smile: Some time ago (more than 10 years ago :wink: I created a few projects for our local press (I had to remove the link to IPC search because of cummunity claims. ) :wink: But nowadays I have much less free time :wink: But EDA software is always close to my mind :wink:

I’m also CID (IPC certified designer :slight_smile: (I had to remove the link to IPC search because of cummunity claims).

And now that’s my first / early time / beginings with LibrePCB. I can confirm it looks pretty much even right now :slight_smile:

Best regards

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Dear colleague,

Development of LibrePCB needs a person like you!
Your knowledge and experiences will be good for development process - please share it to help make LibrePCB better: https://github.com/LibrePCB/LibrePCB/issues

Ed (designer since 1995, without IPC cert.) :smiley:

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Starting from yesterday I’m trying to make LibrePCB more popular here it Poland :slight_smile:

Here is my topic :wink:

(sorry, I had to remove the link to IPC search because of cummunity claims).


And another one :wink: Also about sharing my projects between a few machines (using: syncthing) and nightly backup (using: duplicati).

It’s also the reason why I use portable version every time (no any benefit from full install, and much easier to keep everything synchronized between several machines) :slight_smile:


Thank you. I will try to do my best.

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A few of my posts was tagged / hidden. It’s stupid (maybe some scripts because, I can’t believe real peoplles tagged my posts in this way) :wink:

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However, if the post is hidden by the community a second time, it will remain hidden until handled by staff.

Probably you saw it already but I thout about exactly: https://github.com/LibrePCB/LibrePCB/issues/782