User's attributes in Components or/and in Device?


I try to make my test library, with Yageo resistors. Yep, I create separate component/device for each value (I trying only).

In manual ( You wrote: “The next element you need to create is the Component for a single OpAmp. Because it is still very generic (beside the LMV321LILT there are many other OpAmps with exactly the same functionality), so you should enter a generic name like Single OpAmp .”

OK, if it is “generic” element, why attributes fields are only for Components? Respective, where Can I place my special attributes? I mean link to datasheet, Manufacturer part number (MPN), order codes from several suppliers…
I thing this atributes should be placed into Device, beacuse device is unique wedding of component and footprint.

What do You think?


Yes I absolutely agree to allow adding attributes to devices. In fact, in the source code this is already implemented, but it’s not yet visible in the GUI. The reason is basically that I’m not yet 100% sure how it should be implemented in the schematic/board editors :frowning:

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