Chip Resistors in the Base Library


In case someone is interested: We’re discussing the best way to add chip resistors (and later capacitors) to the standard library for about three weeks now:

It’s quite a tricky issue, because on one side we want to have packages that match actual products, but on the other hand that would result in thousands of combinations.

The current approach (see this comment by @ubruhin) that we’re targeting is to create generic packages at IPC density levels A and B, together with generic resistor devices, so you’d add a “R-330” to your project, not a “Yageo AC1206JR-07330RL”. This will work for most cases, since usually (especially for prototypes) you’re not interested in which exact resistor is used, as long as the resistance and shape is correct.

For the cases where you’re designing for mass production, you’ll want the smallest possible footprints (density level C) and should probably use footprints that are made exactly according to the manufacturer specifications (unfortunately not all dimensions of chip resistors are standardized).

So currently we’ll probably add a standard set of generic resistors to the base library, and later manufacturer-specific versions to manufacturer-specific libraries.

If you have any comment on that, please let us know :slight_smile: