Packages for through hole discrete parts

Hi, I’ve just started looking at librepcb.

It looks easy to use so far.

I do a lot of boards with old fashioned through hole discrete parts. TO92 transistors, jfets, various sizes of through hole caps and resistors and so on.

Is there already a library somewhere that has packages or pre made devices for these sorts of parts?

I also notice there’s no jfet symbol in the basic library, or anywhere else I’ve found so far, seems like a bit of an omission.

I can of course use the device editor to create all this stuff - but I don’t want to re-create what already exists.

can anyone point me in the right direction?

I found TO92 with small and wide pin spacing (1.27, 2.54) and nfet symbol here:

@EdizonTN made a few test libs. Would be nice to see at least the packages in the LibrePCB.Base

Thanks! I’ve started working on my own library anyway… but I will look through those libs too.