Transistor library


I have discovered LibrePCB a week ago through… I think it was First of all: Great program. Powerful, yet easy to use. I love it.

Buuut as you can imagine after adding every library I found it’s not enough by a long shot. So I was wondering, for one of the more basic components: Is anyone working on a larger Transistor-library, or has it already been released? Because if not, I would start working on one and could upload it here. The packages and symbols are already there and only need to be filled with life, so to speak.

Thx for the great work and have a nice day,

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Thanks for your feedback :heart:

I started adding the BC5xx transistors to the base library but there are still some open questions:

For any other, manufacturer-specific transistors please just add the devices to the corresponding (already existing) manufacturer libraries at LibrePCB Libraries · GitHub. There’s no need to create a separate transistor library.