Basic libraries

I installed the application and it looks great, but it’s still missing a fundamental feature: a reasonable base of a few semiconductor devices.

My first try was with a basic schematic, let’s say a few resistors, a couple of connectors, and a couple of humble NPNs. Now, besides installing the basic libraries, I couldn’t find a way to select a basic NPN, like a BC847B or a PTH 2N2222: the NPN symbol was all I got.
I couldn’t even find a humble SOT23 to associate in some way with my symbol.
Maybe I didn’t understand how libraries are used in LPCB and haven’t found a way to the existing parts.

My suggestion is then to work on libraries, building a few ones that can leverage the application.


Hi @luc0x61,

Due to the huge amount of electronic parts on the market, there will always be parts missing in every PCB tool. But of course we are working on it.

Anyway, you can easily create a local library and add more parts. Often you only need to add a device which is very easy.