Where are standard IC logic functions?

I have installed LibrePCB and all of the available libraries listed in the Workspace Library Manager.
I read the User Manual and started a first project. I wanted to use a 7400-series gate circuit to start, but Integrated Circuits>Logic>Gates, Inverters lists only two Schmitt triggers–inverting and noninverting. So obviously I’m missing something critical because there should be flip-flops, registers, and so on. Where do I find the needed libraries and how do I install them? I assume they exist.

Your help greatly appreciated by a “newbie” to LibrePCB.

Hello MicroGuy

Thanks for trying out LibrePCB :slight_smile: Unfortunately the base library is still at a very early stage. The parts you are looking for simply don’t exist yet, so you’d have to create your own symbols and devices.

We are always happy to accept contributions to our standard library. Our library conventions for the official libraries can be found here. Are you already familiar with git and maybe GitHub?

I would like to contribute some library parts but have been waiting for the symbol editor to add an “ARC” function. Is this on the to-do list?

See https://github.com/LibrePCB/LibrePCB/issues/354. But you can already draw arcs without such a tool, since polygons are generic enough to also represent arcs (one line segment with an angle != 0).

OK, So I created some basic gates and put them on https://github.com/ouabache/LibrePCB_Logic.lplib.

If these look OK then I will make some more

John Eaton