Generating Logic Components (e.g. quad Gates)

there are some requests around for 74xx parts and alike.
74xx and 40xx series have each the same layout for fundamental gates.
I considered creating them manually, maybe 10 components for each series (2-input, 3-input, …) and 2-4 devices each (DIP, SMD).
Or getting in touch with automating the component creation = collecting symbols.

A generic “logic gate (quad)” does not make that much sense in mho.

Do you think this is worth the effort?

to clearify:

74xx 2-input (quad) have A1, B1, Y1, A2, B2, Y2, … pin layout
40xx 2-input (quad) have A1, B1, Y1, Y2, A2, B2, …

Hi i9e1,

maybe I don’t understand, but is any problem to create a symbol for logic gate?
Next, the newly created devices (74xx or 40xx) will be a these symbols connected (as component) with physical package.
7400: 4x symbol of the 2-input NAND gate + Power pins symbol, connected in the component: 74LS7400.
CMOS 4011: 4x symbol of the 2-input NAND gate + Power pins symbol (same as previous), connected in the component HEF4011.

Finnally: two device created with using two symbols (2-input NAND gate and power pins)

Or somethinghs is out of my thinking? :slight_smile:

Small example.