FPGA component creation script

I have a working version of my script that I use to create Lattice Fpgas. It is on github.com, user ouabache repo librepcb-parts-generator branch bga. You can try it out if you like.

It can be used to create any component with a rectangular symbol. Create a csv file with one row per pin. Pin name in the first column, L,R,T,B in the second and pin number in the third. Pin numbers must match the packages pin names.

Look at the make_lattice script to see how to call it

I am also working on a script that will parse a Kicad library in csv files that can then be converted into a librePCB library. I still have to figure out how to map kicad footprints into librePCB ones and how to assign each kicad component to a cmpcat.

Once finished we will be able to use any kicad library with librePCB

Hmmm, it would be good, if LibrePCB will have internal scripting engine, aka Eagleā€¦ :slight_smile: