Where are VQFN packages? QFN MO-220

I need VQFN packages to use them in Microchip Lib for ATmega324PB-Mx device and soon for ATmegaxx8PB devices.

I haven’t found them in LibrePCB Base library.

Is it elsewhere ?
If not, is it planned to create them soon ?


We use mostly https://github.com/LibrePCB/librepcb-parts-generator/ to create footprints. So if you know any Python it would be awesome if you could support us there :slight_smile:

This is important. We want to automate the entire creation of the Base library using python3.5 or better AND using the low level code in librepcb-parts-generator. Then if we ever need to change the file format we can rewrite the low level code, rerun all the scripts and instantly create version 2.

I am currently working on a script for BGA packages. It works for parts that are 100% filled but I need to add a mask to create parts that don’t use all possible ball positions.

When it is done I should be able to also use it for Pin Grid Array parts as well.

OK, I have my bga script working and checked into my fork of librepcb-parts-generator along with the uuids cache file.

It creates 48 Bga packages from the Lattice packaging guide. They are checked into my fork of LibrePCB_Base.lplib. There are pull requests on both repos