KIcad Conversion

I have created a script that can take a kicad library and convert it into a librePCB one. You can see the results on username ouabache repo Kicad_Test.lplib. That is the entire Kicad library.

Some issues that I am still working on:

Some gates do not fill correctly

Some gates do not have pin names so I have to synthesize them

There are issues with comas and quotes in component names

They use a lot of names with ~ () / and other characters that librePCB doesn’t accept

But is is mostly usable. Once I create a map file between kicad footprints and librePCB then it could be used for boards.

This gives us the ability to rapidly build up our library offering.

I will also do the digikey library as well.

John Eaton

Having converters such as this available as plugins would probably be a good thing. Some could be installed with the installer, by choice, and some could be added afterwards on the app already installed.

I forked the STM repo and added 1014 parts from the kicad library. About 500 of them have devices, I can get more as I map kicad footprints -> LibrePCB ones.

These worked because all the signal names were clean. There are issues with duplicate pin names but they should affect funcitonality.

I made a pull request for this commit