Multiple components in the same device (like CD4093)


I would like to create some components for my next PCB, but the tutorial is not that helpful :frowning:
First of all I would liek to create the CD4093, which contains 4 schmidt triggers in the same package. How should I create this device? When you need only 1-3 schmidt triggers in your schematic, you should place only that many, but the whole device on the PCB.

I would like to recreate this schematic from by proli007 in librePCB, but I have to create the CD4093 first. In other editors you can drag the gates wherever you want, is there a way to do this in this editor too?

Which part of the tutorial is unclear?
It’s a simple - draw symbol for one gate 4093 and one symbol for power part of the 4093. Create a new component 4093 and place 4x gate and 1x power. Create a new package (or copy from existing libs) connect its together in new device.
In the schematic, you can place only 3 gates and power from 4093 - each you can place alone where you need. Last gate left unconnected (but it’s not good idea).

btw: “…in other editors…” - which schematic editors you thinking?

I was using eagle so far, but I would like to change. I did not like KiCAD, this project is much more comfortable to me, my only conern is that I have to create a lot of devices, so I want to learn how to do it properly.

For me it was not unclear that I can put more symbols into one component. The part creating logic is a bit different from what I experienced in eagle, I have to adapt you know.

Ahh, Ok.
I understand, I think…
LibrePCB is as Eagle in some part of system.
But concept of the LibrePCB’s library is different as many other EDA.
Full of the functions KiCAD is very good for design PCB (especially next release with new router), but library system is not good in their basis (My opinion).

OK, back to LibrePCB.
First of all, I recommend to you, use the example libraries and try to create a testing schematic and PCB in the LibrePCB.
You can recognize if the LibrePCB to be for you sufficient (don’t forget - is in the verzion 0.1.6 and some basic function are not implemented yet).

A good start is read and know the example libraries. More libraries for analyze or use, you can find in the github (ex. My libs: EdizonTN (EdizonTN) / Repositories · GitHub)
Next, start creating simple own library parts (R, C, IC,…)
This is good start.

Meanwhile, I will try to prepare small tutorial to create multipart components (ex. directly 4093). During weekend maybe…
Next exact questions (during your discovery of the example libraries) you can place to this forum. These questions can be helpful for others too (and answers, I hope) and for me - I will know, which parts of the turorial have to highlighted.


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Hi 3b,

I prepared practice tutorial for create multipart device.
You can find at this address: LibrePCB - Library - part creation - multipart - Google Docs

In this tutorial (part Nexperia’s HEF4093BT) you can find how to:
Create a Library
Create a complete library part HEF4093
Create symbols
Create component
Pins which are required
Pin name option
Gate naming using suffix
Component name in the schematic
Create a device

If you will have any question, feel free to comment tutorial directly, or write me here.

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Thank you, this tutorial is great. I could make my version of CD4093 thanks to it.