Component Attributes Enhancements

Hello! I just started using LibrePCB recently, and it’s awesome app! And after using it for some time, I realized that I’d like to see some additional features there. All that requests come from actual schematic I tried to create. So, let’s go :wink:

  1. Numeric attribute type. Currently I use string, but the nature of the attribute I created is numeric (it’s a count), so I’d like to restrict possible values for the attribute.
  2. Allow some simple math in attribute placeholder, e.g. {{RESISTANCE / 2}}. My live example: I created a component (that’s assembly) that has a few resistors inside, and there is a dependency: some of them have value R, others must be R/2. Currently I use {{RESISTANCE}} and ½ × {{RESISTANCE}} labels, but that looks ugly :roll_eyes:
  3. It would be nice if Project -> Update Library will also update attributes of already added components (e.g. if I edit my custom library and add attributes to component, and then update project - that new attribute won’t appear there).

Hope my ideas are reasonable enough. And thanks for a great product!

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Hi, and welcome! I like the idea of supporting simple expressions within attribute placeholders :slight_smile:

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