Create a layout without a schematic

I don’t need a schematic and would like to create my PCB immediately same I could do before with Eagle.

I don’t know eagle, but as far as i understand the concept of LibrePCB there is no way to do this without adding the components and connections to the schematic first.

For real small PCBs you could just place vias and traces to the PCB directly without schematic (see example below), but this way you couldn’t use footprints and don’t have a nice Legend.
In my opinion not worth the effort.

Yes, unfortunately. So you always have more work than you might want to do.

Yes, if you are used to design your PCBs this way this is probably true.
But see it this way: Drawing the schematic first you don’t have to bother which connections you have to draw on the board - or which are missing. The DRC takes care of this for you.
Sure, it is a different approach, but not a bad one - particularly on larger designs.

You might give it a try :wink:

Just for your information, this feature is planned to be implemented but probably it will take some time…

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