"Place Devices" pane shows devices not in the schematic

I’m using LibrePCB 0.1.5 on a Mac running Catalina. Somehow I have confused the software. I have finished the schematic and am doing board layout. Here LibrePCB shows two devices that cannot be placed. These are not in the schematic (they may have been in the past). There is no physical representation of these devices, so the Place Devices pane shows no picture when either is selected. Attempts to place them does nothing. The devices appear in the BOM. When searching files on my harddrive for their names, I see nothing.

How do I get rid of them?

Thanks from a LibrePCB beginner.

Hmm this is strange, would be very interesting to know how to reproduce this issue.

If these components really do not exist in the schematic, maybe you can get rid of them by manually removing them in the file circuit/circuit.lp within the project directory. Just search for their name (e.g. “R5”) and remove the whole (component ... ) block. But I highly recommend to first create a backup of the whole project before manually editing project files!

Thank ubruhin. I do see the named elements and will try to remove them by hand with a prior backup as you suggest. I wish I could tell you how they appeared, but I am just beginning to use LibrePCB and there’s no way I can recall all the fooling around I did to understand how to get from point A to point B. Most of it makes sense to me now. My best guess of how it happened would be some order dependent issue of working on the physical layout models without proper corresponding schematic models.