DRC in real time

Is the DRC (board editor) doing its job in real time as we work on it?
Or is it only triggered manually just like it’s done in eagle?
I think it would be better if it was doing it as we are working, so we get a warning as soon as we caused something violating DRC.

Check out the release notes of the 0.1.3 release:


The DRC is not (yet?) working in real-time, you have to run it manually. Furthermore, design rule options are not yet saved to files, so you have to re-enter them after opening the project the next time. This will be implemented in the next major release of LibrePCB (because it requires a file format change).

Alright. That’s one area where eagle can be easily beat.

And while at it, I don’t think making tented vias should be done via a trick like it’s done with eagle. There has to be a more explicit way and per via.