DSN import/export


I’d like to be able to import & export DSN files so that I can use an external autorouter. Many other packages allow this (including Eagle with the use of a ULP) and it would provide a way to import existing designs…

Is this possible?



I’m sorry but this is not implemented and at the moment autorouting (whether internal or external) has only low priority. But thanks for submitting this so I know there’s a demand for it :slightly_smiling_face:

Mmh. Maybe your development roadmap has “low priority” on stuff like autorouting, and I agree that some more basic features are kindof even more important, but from the PoV of actually using LibrePCB for nontrivial work the situation is somewhat different.

I’m not going to manually move ten wires on my PCB just to add wire #11.

For that use-case, I think the push&shove router would actually help more than a DSN import/export: Add interactive push and shove router from CERN/kicad/horizon

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Auto-routing regardless, a way to import/export at least one major file type alternative would be quite nice.