Empty issues in ERC panel


When opening the schematic editor for the first time, my eyes were drawn to the
ERC panel on the right which lists various errors and warnings. I like the intent
but I think its presentation is premature, the user is desensitized by the time
actual issues appear. I would suggest hiding that panel until one or more issues are
actually present and then only show the group headings of the ones that have issues.

For example, show the initial Circuit Warnings entry "Unused net class’ and hide the other empty headings.


Yes, I agree about hiding empty root nodes in the ERC list. There is already an issue for that: https://github.com/LibrePCB/LibrePCB/issues/28

But I think we shouldn’t automatically hide the whole panel if there are no messages. If it is automatically shown when a message appears, and is automatically closed if all messages disappeared, this could be pretty annoying when working on schematics :wink:


Maybe allow the user to “pin/unpin” the panel, for more freedom? That way each user may choose to customize their environment to fit their workflow better. Some may prefer to “brianstorm” a schematic, and choose to deal with all the ERC errors once they reach a certain point of maturity. While in the first phase, I guess they’d like to have a big canvas, but also free from “pointers” on what’s possible and what’s not :slight_smile:


That’s already possible, the ERC panel is a normal dock widget which can be closed, opened and moved manually :wink:


You’re quite right. I should have checked more thoroughly before writing a suggestion :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Anyway, now I tried to set the ERC panel as free-floating, and then closed it. How do I get it back?!
I would expect to find it under the view menu or in the toolbar…


A right-click somewhere on the toolbar opens a menu to show/hide all toolbars and docks.