Panels missing in schematic editor

When the schematic editor is opened only the ERC panel shows.
I have looked in all the menus to enable the other panels but no change.
I have reinstalled the program. no -change
So far I have concluded that the changes are in the project files somewhere.
Where can I look to restore the missing panels?

The background for the editor is now black. Is this related?

Thanks for your help.


Which panels do you mean exactly? Maybe a screenshot would help. Generally all toolbars and dock widgets can be enabled/disabled by right-clicking on the window background (where the toolbars are located)…

Thanks that works.

I had assumed there would be a menu items to open or close the panels.
I did notice that you have to right click only on the menu bar. Locating the mouse ( which where I probably was clicking ) above does not work.

Adding these views to the menu I think would be good.

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