Grabing problem with local library package

I created a package !


Defining a top hidden grab area inside the inner visible rectangle (light grey with transparency)

But in board editor, the grab area is different when I activate “Top Grab Areas”

But maybe it is because there’s another top grab area inside the courtyard ?
(not explained in documentation, there is no “Grab Area” subsection in “Package” section)

Is it normal that grab areas only work if “Top Grab Areas” is set to visible ?


This is a bug in my opinion. Do you agree @ubruhin? The layer visibility should only affect rendering, not functionality.

Yeah, you probably have marked the courtyard polygon as grab area.

No, that’s intended because you want to disable top grab areas when working on the bottom side, and vice versa. Same for the “Reference” layers which also enable/disable grabbing packages by their origin cross.

:+1: Every polygon has a “Grab Area” property to easily use them as grab area too.

OK thanks.

But the layer name is “Top Hidden Grab Areas”. So why ‘hidden’ ?