Package Editor: Layer Filtering

In the package editor it’s currently not possible to preview how the part looks on a specific layer.

I’d need a way to view only top/bottom layers. Ideally I could also turn on/off all layers separately, e.g. to view only copper or only documentation layers.

Can we put the layer selector in the package editor too?

Yes, that should be possible. I just wonder how it should be integrated into the library editor. In the board editor it is integrated as a dock widget, stacked with other dock widgets. But in the library editor we don’t have dock widgets, but a fixed region used for the metadata widgets. Adding a dock widget would probably be too crowded and might look a bit strange :frowning:

I think a dock widget (“Metadata” and “Layers”) would be fine.

Hmm yeah I think it would require some refactoring to convert the “Metadata” widget to a dock widget (dock widgets are window-global, but the metadata is separate for each tab, so it must be replaced when switching between the tabs). At least this would automatically fix :wink:

Feel free to open an issue for this task :slight_smile:

Issue opened: