Handle non rectangle footprint pads

How should we handle non rectangle footprint pads ?

I tried to make 2 pads touching each other, but I can’t set the same number.

My new idea was to make a rectangle pad and to make a top copper area.
Is it the good way ?
what shape should it be ? (full or just a rectangle close to the official pad ?

When drawing top copper, it seems that Top Stop Mask and Top Solder Mask are missing.
So add Top Stop Mask shape 0.1mm outside Top Copper and Top Solder Mask shape 0.1mm inside Top Copper.

Your method of creating non rectangle custom pads is logical and looks good.
LibrePCB does not support this type of pads (Custom Pad Shapes) yet.

I created a issue request because this is important feature: https://github.com/LibrePCB/LibrePCB/issues/540

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Top Solder Mask and Top Stop Mask are doubled over the LibrePCB pad.

Is it a problem ?
By this I want to know if all goes well with gerber output ?
Does overlapping will be well handled ?

In the same way : what is better to do with the complex shape of copper ?

  1. draw it only outside, but next to LibrePCB pad
  2. draw it whole, included on LibrePCB pad
  3. just overlapping 0.1mm to ensure good connection

And so same question as above for gerber generation with Top Copper layer ?

Thanks for your answer.

(For now, I am doing the second choice)