How to use multiple schematic pages

Hi, I’m new to PCB design in general, sorry if this should be obvious.

When drawing different parts of the circuit in different schematic pages, how do you connect the circuits together across pages?

Secondly, and I understand that LibrePCB might not support this (yet), is it possible to re-use the same “sub-circuit” or functional block multiple times? So, if I want the same combination of a BJT with two resistors 32 times, is the best bet just to copy-paste it?

BTW, the rest of my experience with LibrePCB so far has been mostly intuitive, including creating new parts and connectors in my library, so thank you for that :slight_smile:

Welcome, me too. :slight_smile:

Use NetLabel element. Place it to the net, which go across sheets in each sheet and write same name.
Nets with same name will be connected together.

Yes. Copy-paste (yet).

Yes, me too. :slight_smile: