Mix of 2.54mm and 2mm (English and metric) components

I am building a simple breakout board. Just a 10 pin 2x5 socket that will mate with a ribbon cable and some 5 pin headers on both sides of the socket to slip some I/O device wires onto. The pin headers are 5 pin in line 0.1 inch/2.54mm. The socket is a 10 pin 2x5 on 2mm pitch.

The socket isn’t in the library. I am attempting to make a component in a local library. At this stage I discovered librepcb is set up with a 2.54mm grid and I need to put pins on a 2mm grid. What do I do?

I put some 2mm header on my latest parts order so i could try to make the entire board metric if need be.

I built a version of the board using components in the LibrePCB libraries. (attached)

just change the grid - under “grid properties” (F4)
you get this dialog, where you can change the current grid - eg to 2mm. If needed change to the default 2,54mm later.

Thanks. I though the grid was a global setting.