3.5mm pitch screw terminal lib

I am looking for a library with 3,5mm spaced terminals, like this: 3.5mm Pitch PCB Mount Screw Terminal Block Verbinder KF350 2P 3Pin Plug Header | eBay.
Is it already existing?
If not, can it be easily created by the library generator?
Can I do this by myself?
thanks for help

i’ve done that - but only in 2 and 3 pin variants and for my own purposes - probably not meeting the LibrePCB conventions.
I would like to share this, only thing - i really don’t know how to extract it from my lib and transfer it to you. (don’t have a GitHub account).
At least i could attach the 3d step model here so you only need to create the rest in the lib editor, which is not as hard.

thank you sasmus
you are right it is not a big deal to make some of them.
I thought however it would be good to have a collection, like it is existing for 2,54 spaced elements.
The official library is still somehow incomplete.
rgds Gerd