Netlabel alignment feature

I have been interested in having the ability to right justify netlabels.
I have created a working patch to demo it. Currently though it will crash if I do not have the property already added to the file. I am looking for feedback here to do this properly.

Additionally, I used the Alignment class so the netlabel can be aligned top, middle, bottom and left, center, right. Currently i have only added the mirror command so it can only swap from left to right. I am unsure what the appropriate approach is for long term and editing.

I have made a pull request but realized afterwards that I can’t pass unittests unless I figure out how to migrate an old project without alignment attributes to a new one. I am looking at the constructor and can’t figure out how to say try to parse adn if you can’t find it add a default value. It seems like i should add a new function to node.getChild but with a default value. I would appreciate feedback if available on the right approach for this project.


Hi Ben, sorry I did not see this topic earlier… Since the pull request is now open (thanks!), let’s continue the discussion right in the pull request :slight_smile: