How to change net class

Hello, I just started testing LibrePCB and I have a question. How do you guys change net name e.g. when you have multiple power domains and you want to use the the same VCC symbol for all. I gave VCC symbols individual values, but ERC started complaining. So i changed net “name” in text editor. Worked like a charm. Then i found “net” button in schematic editor, where i can place net name in schematic. So I found out that i can place net name, then go to properties of net name, change net name, delete net name component from schematic, and i am done. But it seems little more complex than it should, like, why i cannot right click net and change it’s parameters directly?


This is currently a bit cumbersome and needs to be improved for sure. The problem is that a net takes the net of the supply symbol only at the moment when they are connected. Afterwards, it’s currently not possible to change the net name by changing the supply symbol value. There are several possible workarounds available, two of them you already mentioned (temporary add netlabel, or change it in the file directly). A third workaround is to temporarily disconnect the supply symbol, change its value and then re-connect it to the net.

For the record, here’s the corresponding issue for this problem: