Can't rename multiple schematic components with same name

I was recently drawing a schematic, and trying to work around the lack of an RGB LED by using 3 separate LEDs.

I tried to rename them to give them a more sensible name, in part because my understanding is that the naming of components in the schematic should indicate which components share a device (like slotting in gschem).

I was able to rename one, but renaming the second failed with this error:

There is already a component with the name “D1”!

Of course in this case the ideal fix would be to add more LED components to the library, but I think there are other uses for slotted or otherwise disjoint components, so it would still be sueful to fix this error.


No, this is not the way to combine multiple symbols into one device :wink: In LibrePCB, the relation of symbols/components/devices including their pinout is entirely stored in the library, so you’ll have to create an RGB LED component. You may want to take a look at this documentation about the library concept.