Renaming a pin in schematic editor?

Hi, I’m a newbie to LibrePCB and electonics in general. I would like a help.

I’m doing a schematic which uses a KF350 screw terminal pin. I’m using the “Pin Header 1x02” to represent it at the moment. I would like to rename a pin to show what would be connected to the screw terminal.

  1. How should I do it? Using the net labeltool I can label a net, but not have two different label on a net segment. I would like to do it because I’m connecting it to a MCU pin, but I’m going to connect a aviator plug on one end, so I must know which pin on the aviator terminal I’m going to make a connection on that particular pin on the screw terminal.
  2. Should I make a symbol/component/device/package for the KF350 screw terminal?


AD1: You mean like this?

AD2: If you can design PCB, Yes.

yes, do I just use a net label tool on an empty grid?

No, label cannot be placed outside to net.

You can place a text.

But it’s not easy. In version 0.1.5 doesn’t exist easy way, how to add text into schematic.
You have a two option:

  1. Create a text “component” - in your own library, create symbol “text”, which will contains only {{VALUE}} element. Next create a component “Text_Label”, connect your “text” symbol and check “Schematic-only” tickfield. Place this component to your schematic and change value of it with your destination txt.
    Example you can find in my test library here

  2. Wait for a version 0.2.0 of the LibrePCB, which will include a new feature “add a text”: