Moving or hiding pin names

I am trying to build my own library and find that the editor sometimes puts pin names in awkward places and I cannot find a way to move them. Also, on some components the pin names do not show up when placed in a schematic and others they do. I cannot find any way of controlling the position or orientation of these labels either in the library editor or schematic editor. Please Help!

For now, it is not possible to move pin name in schematic library. But you can use this trick :

  • place a pin and set the name invisible
  • add text with pin name to place it where you want

It will be in 0.2.0 release.

For making name invisible, it is in the component step.

For the second part of your question, I’m not sure to understand.
Is it related to this ?

Thank you, making the labels invisible does what I need. And yes, I was also asking about pin text rotation. Since I made a couple hundred components that I needed to modify I did some reverse engineering and found that a search & replace of (text signal) to (text none) in all the files under the cmp directory updated the whole library.