Pin numbers missing in schematic

First of all: Thank you for developing LibrePCB, I’m beginning to like it.

Currently i have the problem that pin numbers within a schematic are no longer displayed.
To be precise: …are no longer displayed at new symbols.

On top are symbols which i inserted yesterday (numbers are displayed). Any symbol i insert as a new component to the schematic today doesn’t show the pin numbers, regardless if i switch “show pin numbers” on or off. (see SCR and R at the bottom of the screenshot).
This behavior is the same with symbols of the official libs or my private (locale) ones.

Quit/Restart of LibrePCB didn´t help, no other changes on the system that i´m aware of since yesterday.
I´m on macOS and using LibrePCB 1.0.0

Any hints?

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This is just because you didn’t add these components to the board yet. As soon as you add them to a board, the pin numbers should appear.

I agree it’s a bit confusing but due to the way how LibrePCB works it’s currently not possible to show pin numbers without adding them to a board. Maybe we find a way in future to improve it, but currently this is expected behavior.

Oh, yes. you’re right.
Thank you!

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