Error Message when trying to use My Library components

Gentlemen, good evening.

I downloaded and installed LIBREPCB and started using it, when I felt I was missing some components to use on my PCBs. Following the online Help, I created the 2 components shown in the screenshots below. However, when trying to use the components created in a schematic diagram, I get the error message "There is no element of type “pin” with the UUID “…”. I looked all over the online Help and I didn’t find any topics about errors, nor about this specific error. After reading and re-reading the Symbol Conventions and Package Conventions sections, I reviewed the entire creation of the components without finding (or not noticing) any errors. I kindly request your help in order to help me solve this obstacle that I am facing in the use of this software, highly recommended to me by the staff at FULL CIRCLE MAGAZINE.

I am new using LIBREPCB.


Did you read and follow How Do I fix "There is no element of type "pin" with the UUID "176c1949-dfa2-4971-a994-c9b3ea6608a5" in the list." as I already suggested by email?

First of all, thank you for your reply. I will try this instructions tomorrow.