How Do I fix "There is no element of type "pin" with the UUID "176c1949-dfa2-4971-a994-c9b3ea6608a5" in the list."

I’m blundering through creating some library components.

I had things working but I couldn’t connect the wiring. I then found that I had to add pins to the component symbols. Now I get the above error when I try to place a component in the schematic.

How do I fix this?

It’s hard to tell the exact fix without knowing what you did exactly. But I’d suggest to remove and re-create the symbol variant in the component editor (it is typically called “default”). Then save the component and try again adding it to the schematics.

If this doesn’t help:

  • Try updating the project library (Project → Update Project Library).
  • If the symbol has already been added to the schematic previously, remove all these instances from the schematic and re-add it again.