Place components rotated 45 degree angle

I’m trying to place a component at a 45 degree angle offset from the grid
The PCB enclosure box is an irregular octagon and I’d like to take advantage and set the 3-pin header at a 45 degree angle

Using Properties > Rotation and entering a custom angle doesn’t seem to work. How can I adjust this component to be off grid and at an angle?


How is it not working? How did you use it and what happens exactly?

Actually this is exactly the way to place devices with arbitrary rotations. I quickly tried it in LibrePCB 0.1.7 and it worked fine (as expected).

Thank you for confirming.

Here’s a GIF showing the approach I’ve taken, trying to right-click on the part does nothing

However, I can now do this by highlighting the part and then going to Edit > Properties and typing in the rotation box on the upper right:


So maybe my actual issue is that Right Clicking on the part appeared to do nothing, and I had to go the Edit toolbar at the top of the window > Properties in order to get the properties dialog to show up for this component

Ah I see. Then it is indeed a problem with the context menu. Maybe it is the same bug as Board editor: Right-click on selected device changes tool · Issue #1060 · LibrePCB/LibrePCB · GitHub. Sooner or later we will fix that :slight_smile: Actually there must always be a context menu for devices.