Project Manager

LibrePCB needs a project manager that supports projects the same way that the library manager supports libraries.

When creating a new project you want to be able to enter the URL for a repo and have it cloned into the projects directory. It must be cloned because any changes will need to be committed and pushed back up to the source.

That will give us the ability to archive and share any thing that we create.

I don’t think a project manager would be very useful. If you want to contribute, you’ll have to use git on the command line (or with a dedicated tool) anyways. If you don’t want to contribute, then you can just download the project and put it in your projects directory.

You can do that already. Instead of doing a manual download with the library manager you can use the command line to download a local library.

But if you do it with librePCB then you will know which libraries are new and need scanned. Otherwise you are forced to always rescan everything in case something was added or deleted outside of the program.

By adding git commands to librePCB you will know when something needs scanned.