Updating local libraries

I am trying to figure out how the manual download is supposed to work. I can download all the files from a github.com repo but it is not a clone of the repo. This means that I cannot update to pull down any future changes nor can I push any changes that I make back upstream.

If manual download used git clone instead of downloading a zip file then it would be more useful.

John Eaton

Hi John,

Do You mean integrate git functions push/pull into LibrePCB?


That would do it. Right now I can’t use the library manager but instead have to clone a git repo into the local library directory. Adding features like status ,add,commit and push would really be nice.

John Eaton

Hi John. Right now you have to manually clone the repository to your workspace/v0.1/libraries/local/ directory.

I agree that a clone option would be nice. Potentially even a “clone as local library” option in the library manager, to make contributions easier.