Library crashed Windows Linux Dropbox

I have 2 PC’s
One Windows 10 PC at work
One Linux Mint PC al home

I synced the 2 PC’s with Dropbox last Night
I synced the hole LibrePCB-Workspace Directory

At work I made a lot of work with the Library Manager
Now I cant open the librarys in LibrePCB it crashed with no answer
With the Library Manager it works

What can I do?

  • Which LibrePCB version do you use and on which operating system?
  • Could you check if there’s a .lock file in the data directory of the workspace? If it is while LibrePCB is not open, delete it and try again.
  • Could you run LibrePCB from the command line and post its output here after it crashed?

I use at Win10 and Linux Mint the same LibrePCB Version = 1.1.0
There is a .lock file but only if the Projekt is opened

Can you please send me the command line for Win10 and Linux Mint

Thank you

Yesterday evening at Home I make all sync over Dropbox new

Now I’m at work
After syncing with Dropbox everything works fine
I do same Library work and it works
Like renaming Name and copy parts

Than I save the Library
A Library Scan will done and than it will saved
But sometimes a window will shown: Coud not remove directory …\libraries\local\LibraryName.backup

If I try again a scan will done and it works

Hm ok so if the problem cannot be reproduced, we can’t do anything.

Maybe Dropbox creates some locks on the directories, then LibrePCB will fail. Nothing we can change on our side. Generally we recommend to use a version control system to sync libraries and projects (not whole workspaces) between computers. Something like Dropbox is always risky since in case of conflicts it may leave the workspace in an invalid state which you can’t recover anymore.