How to remove the LibrePCB lockfile

Any idea how to skip the message “workspace already used” and force LibrePCB to use shared Workspace by my own responsibility ?


Please note that I share the workspace and libraries between a few computers @WAN and synchronize between them using syncthing solution.

Ok, I found it by myself. In such case as above, it’s possible just to remove or move in other place the file located, in my case (portable version) here:

d:\Development\LibrePCB\Workspace\v0.1\.lock .

Note: Don’t do that, unless you can guarantee that only one instance of LibrePCB is started at a time. You may destroy your project files or libraries with inconsistent data.

If you use syncthing, it should create (and sync) the lockfile if you open LibrePCB on one computer, and then remove it again on all computers if you close LibrePCB.

Yes, I know it :-). And now I see the lock files are synchronized correctly. Maby a few times before I close of the computers too fast before they sync (and it’s sync as I powet on again).

Instead of Syncthing I use also Duplicati once a day, so I’m quite safe :slight_smile: