Directory is locked

Hi there
I played around with my own library and a few library elements. Then I started to get this message:
LibrePCB Bug
I even deleted and reinstalled LibrePCB and I’m still getting the error when opening the program.
Please assist me to diagnose/bug-report the issue, thanks!

I’m on the latest Pop!-os, LibrePCB V1.0.0 is installed through Pop!_shop

This message can appear after LibrePCB crashed some time earlier because the .lock file still exists in the workspace data directory. In this case, just make sure that no other LibrePCB instance is running (you could reboot the computer to be really sure no ghost process is still alive) and then just click on “I accept the risk” & “Open anyway”.

But if this happens repeatedly, let me know.

Thanks for the fast response. I rebooted the machine several times, the message still pops up.

edit: that’s funny, I now opened anyway and the pop-up is gone… i’ve had this pop-up for several days with several reboots!

Case closed, schöns Wochenänd :wink:

With “the message still pops up” you mean even after clicking “Open anyway” the message pops up again when you open LibrePCB the next time? But after clicking “Open anyway”, LibrePCB works fine?

If this happens every time even after “Open anyway”, following things would be interesting:

  • Run LibrePCB from terminal, click “Open anyway” and close LibrePCB. Then post the full console output here.
  • Open the data directory of the workspace in a terminal, list all file permissions (including .lock) with ls -la and post the output here.
  • Just to be sure: is your workspace at some special location, e.g. a network drive or on some unusual filesystem?
  • Delete the .lock file by hand and check if the problem occurs again.

My edit just overlapped your post. Sorry for the hassle! I don’t know what happened, the popup is gone now.
Thank you!

Ah, good to know! :+1:

Ebefalls schöns Wucheänd :slightly_smiling_face: