Can't open project

In playing around I made a very small project with a few resistors and a connector. i closed the project, and now I cannot open it. I get the message…


Besides the fact that it should never happen, other apps in similar situation generally allow an escape route with a button to “skip” the offending item. As it stands now, my project is bricked.

Hmmmm. I think I’ll hold off doing anything significant until escape routes are included throughout the app to avoid such a catastrophic failure.

I’m sure this is likely cold comfort, but I am right this very instant having the same problem. I was editing a small circuit diagram, then the board. I saved and closed, later trying to open the project again I get the message about the missing Library object. I can only say it is in this case a remote library component that is missing by looking at the schematic file for the missing item mentioned in the error.
Also, I am running LibrePCB on Fedora Silverblue (immutable OS) as a Flatpak.

At least I know it “not just me”:wink:

FWIW: I’m running it on Windows 10 using the suggested standard libraries – as vanilla as it gets.

Hmm this is strange. Can you reproduce this issue? Or at least do you remember what you did exactly, for example did you use the project library updater before this happened? Did the application crash while working on the project?

In case you want to “repair” the project, you could probably copy the missing element’s directory from the workspace library into the project’s library (e.g. “library/cmp/…” in the project directory).

By the way, that UUID is the “Resistor” component from the base library, in case this is relevant.

Just created a new project with a few resistors and a connector (same as before), closed the app and then reopened the app and the project. Could not reproduce the problem (although I may have played around with things a lot more in the old bad project). The old project is still hosed.

I had the same problem. Please, take a look at it, I hope it helps.
Did you try to edit library staff?

Btw, I’m currently working on which might automatically fix the project library issue as it’s a heavy refactoring of the project library handling (and many more things). But I can’t guarantee it because I can’t reproduce the broken project library and thus don’t know what goes wrong exactly :wink:

FYI, with the whole file system will be refactored and improved in the upcoming 0.1.1 release, maybe that fixes this project library issue too.


@Minikot can you post the contents of the d:\LibrePCB\projects\hfgh\project\settings.lp file here?

Sorry, but I deleted the project and reinstalled LibrePCB. The error was not repeated.