LibrePCB doesn't see directories

Hello! I have a xUbuntu 20.04 system. Just I have download and install a LibrePCB 0.1.4 via snap (snap install librepcb). Packet installed ok. B

I use attached volume for my data files (Hard Disc with ssd cache, Seagate 2TB) plugged via sata connector, described in /etc/fstab as volume plugged on /mnt/e directory. /mnt/e is my data volume with my data files. All program use /mnt/e/somesubdir/etc hierarhical system. Office, games, utilities and many many other tools. Even a WINE progs use this catalogues, for example old and excellent working PCAD-2004 from Altium use this cataligues for libraries and citcuits.

Last year I was use a 0.1.2 LibrePCB and create working catalogue as /mnt/e/Doc/Electro/LibrePCB-Lib. There are my test project with my attempts to create libraries with metric units (I wrote about this some months ago). Now I want to access this files. But! After install I can’t find my old directories! Where are there?

First screenshot. When I run program - I’ve been to choose a working directory. Okay, let’s choose it!

Second shot. ! (BANNED) Okay I don’t need a default catalogues, let’s go to root // Now we see a root directory. Let’s go to /mnt ! It’s a very simple to go!

Third shot !(BANNED) Where are “e”? I don’t see a “e” subdirectory, seems on other progs (forexamle Double Commander. Okay, I type this directory manually. And I go to this directory! It’s a hidden from list? No. What is a WTF? I type all path manually to my old files. Directory is seems but no files! Once more WTF.

What appears since 0.1.2 version?

This is second screen

Third screen (f$ken rules)


Maybe the problem is somehow caused by the Snap package. Could you check if it works properly with other installation methods, for example with the AppImage? See how to use it.

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Yes, you were right. Something wrong with snap installer. I have download a *.run file and all work properly

OK, good to know! I created an issue for this problem: