Installing 0.1.7 on ubuntu 20.04

This fails with message

Warning: The databases in [/usr/local/share/applications] could not be updated.

I believe you want /usr/share instead

@ouabache how did you install LibrePCB?

I downloaded the installer from the website and got the error.

I also then installed it using snap and it works

Then maybe the installer has an issue, @ubruhin?

I wonder whether we should even have an installer on Linux. It’s not idiomatic, and I think providing Flatpak and Snap packages along with the AppImage should be enough.

snap worked fine for ubuntu. Do all distros include it or do we need to have an installer for those?

Snap is only used by Ubuntu and derivatives. However, Flatpak should be available across virtually all Linux distros. In my opinion it’s the best application distribution format right after distro-specific packages.

No, actually I want /usr/local/share because this is the place where the installer copies the mime files to. But I don’t know why the update command could fail… I usually install LibrePCB as non-root into my home folder and this always worked fine, so maybe the issue only occurs when running the installer as root.

Anyway, as mentioned by @dbrgn my long-term goal is indeed to get rid of the installer for Linux since installers are not usual on Linux. However, currently the installer is the only way to register *.lpp files with LibrePCB and in contrast to the AppImage it allows to get updates without manually downloading it again. But as soon as these two issues are solved, I think the installer has no advantages compared to the AppImage anymore:

Therefore I think it’s not worth to further investigate installer problems - since there are plenty of other (working) installation methods, just use another one for now :wink: