Installer doesn't work in openSUSE

Ran as administrator.

Got error messages about Desktop database. Would like to attach InstallationLog.txt but can’t see how? Last few lines are:

    [53497] perform operation: CreateDesktopEntry
    [53497] 	- arguments: librepcb-stable-from-installer.desktop, Name=LibrePCB
    Comment=Design Schematics and PCBs
    GenericName=PCB Designer
    Exec=/opt/LibrePCB/stable/bin/librepcb %U
    [53497] Done
    [53497] backup operation: Execute
    [53497] 	- arguments: update-desktop-database, /usr/local/share/applications
    [53497] Done
    [53497] perform operation: Execute
    [53497] 	- arguments: update-desktop-database, /usr/local/share/applications
    [53498] update-desktop-database" started, arguments: "/usr/local/share/applications
    [53500] Warning: The databases in [/usr/local/share/applications] could not be updated.
    [53500] Done
    [53501] Operation \"Execute\" with arguments \"update-desktop-database; /usr/local/share/applications\" failed: Execution failed (Unexpected exit code: 1): \"update-desktop-database /usr/local/share/applications\"
    [53501] Created warning message box "installationErrorWithRetry": "Installer Error", "Error during installation process (\nExecution failed (Unexpected exit code: 1): \"update-desktop-database /usr/local/share/applications\""
    [163922] backup operation: License
    [163922] 	- arguments:
    [163922] Done
    [163922] perform operation: License
    [163922] 	- arguments:
    [163923] Done
    [163929] Writing maintenance tool: "/opt/LibrePCB/"
    [164332] Wrote permissions for maintenance tool.
    [164356] Maintenance tool restart: false.


Maybe the command update-desktop-database is simply not available on your system? What distribution are you using? On Debian based distributions the package desktop-file-utils might need to be installed.

Thank you for the suggestion. I am running openSUSE LEAP15.1 and update-desktop-database is available. See (from log file snippet given in opening over):
[53497] - arguments: update-desktop-database, /usr/local/share/applications
[53497] Done
What I suspect, is wrong are the arguments? I do not have a:

Maybe you could try the AppImage or the FlatPak version instead? Do those work? (Note: Run the AppImage as regular user, not as root.)