MyLibrarys Import to new Installation

A few months ago I generated MyLibraries with LibrePCB.
And it works fine.
Now I have reinstalled LibrePCB.
Unfortunately, I can not integrate the old MyLibraries.
What am I doing wrong?
Is this not possible?

Hi, could you give us some more information? Is an error message shown somehow? What exactly does “I can not integrate the old MyLibraries” mean?

Thank you for your fast answer

A few months ago I installed LibrePCB.
I made with this installation same own local Librarys
they were in the directory LibrePCB-Workspace/data/libraries/local
one example: ULNE_Fets.lplib
I backuped these libraries
After that I uninstalled LibrePCB

A few days ago I reinstalled LibrePCB
The old own backuped libraries I put in the …/local folder like in the first installation
But I cant see them in the Library Manager
If I made new local libraries they work
There Is an error message shown

There Is NO error message shown

Generally I recommend to just re-use the same workspace you created some time ago. If you still have the whole workspace, just open it and you’ll have your library back.

Backing up just single libraries is possible too, but then you need to be careful. For example, there are hidden files in these directories - if your file manager hides them they might be lost during a copy operation so the libraries will be broken. Or you could do something wrong with access rights, wrong folder structure etc. If you do everything correctly, it will work.

To get more details, you could start LibrePCB from the command line and post the logging messages here. If LibrePCB detects any error with your library, it should appear in the console output.

On Windows cmd.exe (don’t use PowerShell!) you need to do it by redirecting to a file:

"C:\path\to\librepcb.exe" > log.txt 2>&1

Then wait until the library scan completes, close LibrePCB and check log.txt.

I have load the whole old workspace.
And now it works.

Thank you very mutch

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